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Having never had reflexology before, Catherine immediately put me at ease. her manner was warm and calming and she explains everything as she goes along. She discussed my health issues, which she addressed throughout the session. I became very sleepy through the session and I came away feeling relaxed and re-balanced. The whole experience was excellent and I would highly recommend.

VE, March 2023

After a hysterectomy and the subsequent onset of early menopause I spent the best part of a year feeling physically and emotionally low. Reflexology was not something I had thought of but Catherine talked me through how it works and thought it might help me. I was astounded at the results. After just one session I was (literally) singing out loud in the car. My mood lifted in a way I didn't think possible. After the second session I started feeling what I now call the big heal. The sessions were so comforting, so relaxing. Catherine is a dream, and so knowledgable. Highly, highly recommend.

JS, March 2023

I can't recommend Catherine enough. She really takes the time to understand her clients, to dig deep and understand what they need from their treatment. She immediately puts you at ease - you feel so warm ands cocooned, I find her sessions really calming and relaxing. Catherine is intuitive - picking up sensitivities in the body, and is great at explaining things which I find fascinating. She has magic hands and a real gift - having a session with Catherine is truly transformational - I cant wait for the next one!

CD, April 2023

I found it very interesting what I felt during the treatment due to my injury last year. It was very relaxing and afterwards I felt refreshed. Catherine was informative, helpful and knowledgeable during my treatment.

PR, MARCH 2023

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