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Reflexology does not cure or diagnose, nor is it a massage. It provides a balanced therapy which runs alongside the medical healthcare model to relieve stress and tension in the body which is seen to have a profound impact on overall health.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic complimentary therapy which relieves stress, pain, tension and anxiety. It promotes overall wellbeing and aligns the body into a natural state of balance. It is a gentle and non-invasive therapy, suitable for all ages and across the life span.

It is an ancient treatment which has been practiced for thousands of years, based on the theory that all the body's organs, glands and systems have corresponding reflex points in the feet and hands.

Based on theses principles of reflex points, reflexology uses gentle stimulation of these points to allow the body to bring about space and freedom to self heal and bring about optimum well being.

Reflexology is a wonderfully nurturing treatment. By giving you the space to relax and unwind, treatment can help improve your sleep and boost your mood leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.


        Reflexology Initial Consultation        60 mins        
Reflexology Follow Up Appointment       45 mins         
                           Maternity reflexology       45 mins         
                                  Child reflexology        30 mins                                                         Taster session           30 mins     







Treatment packages are available, please ask for more details.

Treatment can be carried out at Cromhall Farm, or in the comfort of your own home (please discuss this with us as a travel charge may apply)


Please read our full Terms and Conditions 

What to expect

The treatment will be carried out in a comfortable Lafuma reclining chair. All that is required of you is to remove your shoes and socks, and to relax. During your first appointment, an initial consultation will be carried out which will ensure that the treatment will be uniquely tailored to your needs Each session will last approximately 45 minutes.

Foot reflexology begins with gentle techniques to relax the feet. This is then followed by a precise and systematic series of movements where gentle pressure is applied to different areas of the foot and toes with the aim of holistically bringing about balance and a sense of wellbeing.

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